vineri, 30 decembrie 2011

Free Download: Andeeno Damassy vs. Morgan Page - Longest road (Booty Mix)

joi, 29 decembrie 2011

Vunk - Pleaca - Varianta lautareasca

Tagadam, tagadam :))) asa, "ca cadou" de anu` nou :))

miercuri, 28 decembrie 2011

Christian P - Somebody That I Used To Know (2011 Last Promo)

Hello party people. Am revenit cu un nou promo, ultimul promo pe anul aceasta. E un promo mai special, nu atat de comercial precum celelalte. Sarbatori fericite si un an nou fericit!


vineri, 23 decembrie 2011

Tracklist Christian P - CHRIStmas People (December Promo Mix)

Hopaaaaaaa!! Ce avem aici? Avem un tracklist :> Scroll down


01. Naguale - Christmas People (Radio Edit)
02. Spice Girls & Gwen Stefani vs. Dj Baur - Wannabe vs. Hollaback (Dj KumIbra Mash-Up)
03. FLY DJs vs. TEX WILLIAMS - Smoke That (club mix)
04. Don Omar - Dile (Borja Rubio Private Remix)
05. Max A Million - Fat Boy (DJ Kym66 Spanish Club Remix)
06. Sasha Lopez ft. Broono & Ale Blake - Weekend (Andeeno Damassy Remix)
07. Syntheticsax - Chicken (original mix)
08. Namito of Mice and Hares (Pleasurekraft Remix)
09. Alisson & Turner - La Trompeta Loca (Extended Mix)
10. Andeeno Damassy vs. Morgan Page - Longest road (Booty Mix)
11. Mastiksoul - E Nosso Macho (T.C.F Personal Bootleg)
12. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow 2012 (Dj Flight and Dj Diminov remix)
13. Ellie White - Sete De Noi (Extended Club Version)

miercuri, 21 decembrie 2011

De ce poate sa te urasca un DJ

1. The song you are requesting is being played.
2. You ask for a song that nobody will dance to.
3. You tell the DJ he sucks just because he won't play your song.
4. The only songs you know are line dances.
5. You want to hear every song by Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.
6. You complain that no one likes the song when the dance floor is full.
7. You think reserving a table turns the DJ into your own jukebox.
8. You ask to sing on the microphone like it's karaoke night.
9. You want to hear your song next or your leaving.
10. You declare that you just got to the club so the DJ should play all the hits just for you.
11. Your sad face does not move the DJ into feeling sorry for you and playing your request.
12. You have no concept that the DJ accepts tips.
13. You come to the booth and ask the DJ if he is the DJ.
14. You ask the DJ if he plays any good music.
15. Your requests aren't any where near the format the DJ plays.
16. You demand to hear your song because you are about to leave.
17. When we say we dont play a genre, you ask for more of that genre.
18. You keep asking what song is next.
19. You want to look at every song we have.
20. You don't dance to your request, then ask for more.
21. You think the dance floor is a portrait studio.
22. You make silly poses at the DJ like you are DJing.
23. You are part of a bachelorette party.
24. You grab or touch equipment while the DJ is playing.
25. You are so drunk you think the DJ booth is the bar.
26. You stay buy the DJ booth hoping to pick up women.
27. You keep trying to tell the DJ your life story while we are mixing.
28. You think you know what everyone wants to hear.
29. You ask for a song to be played again 5 minutes after hearing it.
30. You say you know the owner/manager in an attempt to get a song played.
31. You ask for the same song everytime you are there.
32. You take pictures of the DJ without warning him of the flash.
33. Your so drunk you keep falling into the DJ booth.
34. You spill a drink on the DJ equipment.
35. You ask that the volume be turned down.
36. You keep trying to get the DJ to dance with you.
37. You tell the DJ what songs go together that don't go together.
38. You stand by the DJ and stare awkwardly.
39. You think it's cool to just stand on the dancefloor and text.
40. You have to talk louder than the music by the DJ booth.
41. You think the DJ booth is a coat check.
42. You offer to tip but never do.
43. You run ladies off the dance floor.
44. You wear so much cologne/perfume the DJ's eyes water.
45. You ask us to play songs off your phone or download them.
46. You keep asking for a shout out all night long.
47. You want us to play a song you made.
48. You act like the DJ is your boyfriend when he is not.
49. You try to sing or hum the song you want to hear.
50. Instead of asking for a song you stick a phone in our face to show us.
51. You don't know the song just the number on the CD.
52. You get all of your friends to ask for the same song that we won't play.
53. You interrupt the DJ to get him to take your picture.
54. Your idea of good music isn't.
55. You think old school means 5 year ago.
56. You ask when do we start to playing something crunk.
57. When you hear a slow jam you think it's a signal to hump women like a dog.
58. If it isn't hip hop you just call it techno.
59. You keep asking for requests after the club closes.
60. You know the DJ and text him requests to get you in the door.
61. You know the DJ is working and you call over and over expecting an answer.
62. You ask for a song and stay at the booth until the DJ plays it.
63. You fart by the DJ booth.
64. You want something faster but are requesting something slower.
65. You keep trying to fist bump and high five the DJ.
66. You say the other DJ always plays your song when there is no other DJ.
67. You act worse than a 5 year old in the club.
68. You say you are spending a ton of money and we should play your songs regardless.
69. You want an in-depth explanation on how the equipment works.
70. Your requests are more like demands.
71. You vomit in or around the DJ booth.
72. You tell the DJ how bad the song playing is , then request an even worse one.
73. You ask the DJ to play something with a beat.
74. You threaten to get the manager to make you play a song.
75. Your song was played but you want it again because you were in the bathroom.
76. You think booty shaking music is just any hip hop song.
77. You make up a birthday so you can hear you or your friends name on the mic.
78. You give the DJ a napkin filled with requests and no tip.
79. You complain that the DJ DID play your song.
80. You hug and kiss the DJ and leave with some other guy.
81. You think after a DJ plays your song that he will play every song you want.
82. You ask for a song all night then you leave in the middle of it.
83. You want people to move off the floor so you can dance like a jackass.
84. You ask the DJ to hand out flyers to another club.
85. You tell the DJ his job is becoming obsolete because of ipods.
86. You tell the DJ that they quit making vinyl and his job will vanish.
87. You say you have a huge group there wanting a song when you only have 3 people.
88. You tell the DJ that you DJ too, when we ask where, you say your bedroom.
89. When you ask the DJ if he takes requests, then you have no clue what you want.
90. You run around the club telling people you are the DJ.
91. You think knowing the DJ is sure to get songs played for people you know.
92. You think dry humping the DJ is sexy.
93. You keep asking if you can try and spin.
94. You keep stomping on the floor just to get attention.
95. You still think it's cool to use your phone on the dance floor.
96. You spend more time updating your status online than dancing.
97. You ask the DJ to play something dirty.
98. You ask the DJ to play something you can dance to.
99. You throw up gang signs having no idea what they mean.
100. You are way too drunk.


Delia - Down On Me (Manea Version :-? )

au au au au auuuuuuuuu, put it down on mee :)))))))
mai ceva ca rom popopom a lu adrian :)))

miercuri, 14 decembrie 2011

Christian P - CHRIStmas People (December Promo Mix)

Hellloooooooooo Party People!!!!
Avem promo nou pentru luna decembrie, cu piese alese special pentru luna aceasta :>


joi, 8 decembrie 2011

Romanian Oldies But Goldies (Memories Mixed By Christian P)

Hello Hello. Daca tot se aproprie Craciunul, v-am pregatit o surpriza, placuta sper eu. Un mix de 100 de minute cu cele mai bune piese Romanesti vechi.


01. AS XX - Inima te cheama
02. N&D - Vino La Mine
03. Andre - Libera la mare
04. La Familia - Viata Buna (Cu Baxter)
05. Tiger 1 & Elena - Cand Te Uiti In Ochii Mei (Rmx)
06. Genius - Macho man
07. A.S.I.A. - Suna Periculos
08. Angels - Asa-s baietii
09. Valahia - La mare la soare
10. A.S.I.A. - Da-Mi Noptile Inapoi
11. Sweet Kiss - Alin, Alin
12. Andra vs. Tiger 1 - Vreau sarutarea ta
13. Casa & Loco - Goanga
14. Dolly - Tarzan
15. Body & Soul - Ne-Au Topit Caldurile
16. Akcent - Dragoste de inchiriat
17. Activ - Doar cu tine
18. DJ Optick feat. Activ - Surrender (Liberty Parade 2005)
19. Funky Dj`s - La La La
20. Funky DJ's - Paradis Roumena (spanish version)
21. Funky DJ's - Daca tu ai vrea
22. Funky DJ's - Doar Tu Si Eu
23. Funky Dj's - Tot ce vreau
24. Funky Dj's - Stai
25. Activ - Visez
26. Non Stop - Jimmy
27. Candy - Esti baiatul care-mi place
28. Akcent - Buchet De Trandafiri
29. O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei
30. Fly Project - Raisa
31. Non Stop - Esti fata care imi place
32. Demmo - Darla Dirladada
33. Candy - Mergem la mare
34. Demmo - 7 Zile De 8 Ori
35. Voltaj - 20 De Ani
36. Akcent - Ti-am promis
37. L.A. - Ochii Tai

marți, 6 decembrie 2011

New hit coming from FLY DJs - Smoke That Cigarette


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