duminică, 26 iulie 2009

Bauturi varianta hi-fi

0,1 l vodka = Demo
0,25 l vodka = Trial version
0,5 l vodka = Personal edition
0,7 l vodka = Professional edition
1,0 l vodka = Network edition
1,75 l vodka = Small business edition
3 l vodka = Enterprise edition
5 l vodka = Corporate edition
vodka de casa – Home edition
50-u langa bere – Service pack
50-u de dimineata – Recovery tool
Bere – Patch
Coca-cola, Fanta, 7-up… – Trojan viruses


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Salut! desi eu sunt doar cu Redd's-ul...
tine-o tot asa ..e foarte bine!...imi place designul ...

Vodka is quite very hard drink but it sparkers my taste bud and makes me remind my previuos experience in life. This gives me a strong determination to have previous girlfriend ha ha ha meaning it makes me more detemined. Bro nice blog. Hope you visit mine. By the way I will add you to my blogger links. My URL is http://mr-einstein.blogspot.com

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